The APLD® Minnesota Chapter’s goal is to advance the credibility and standards of excellence in landscape design for our members.

The Chapter Board

  • Advocates for Professional Landscape Designers in the State of Minnesota.
  • Promotes the right to practice our profession.
  • Encourages partnerships with other professional organizations.
  • Acts as liaison between the chapter and the national APLD headquarters.
  • Promotes continuing education and continuing education credits to further improve sustainable practices within the landscape design profession.

The APLD® Minnesota Board

President Bryan Goff president@apldmn.org
President Elect Tim Heelan president.elect@apldmn.org
Secretary Secretary secretary@apldmn.org
Treasurer Treasurer treasurer@apldmn.org
Membership Membership membership@apldmn.org
Outreach Outreach outreach@apldmn.org
Sponsorship Sponsorship sponsorship@apldmn.org
General Info info@apldmn.org

Members-to update your email address, phone number, etc, send an email to info@apldmn.org

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