Why Design?

Your decision to hire a landscape designer is the beginning of a successful landscape transformation.

A professional landscape designer holds the skills necessary to fully understand your site and potential issues and solutions it may hold. From stormwater management to soil amendment and plant selection, a professional landscape designer will design a creative, functional outdoor environment for you.

As designers that are professionally trained and educated, we are aware of industry standards and regulations and new materials through our continued education courses. Professional landscape designers work with plants, topography, stone, concrete, wood, steel, irrigation, lighting and more. We care about creating a design that is beautiful for your space. We take the functional aspects into consideration and add unique elements tailored specifically to each site.

Design is a process. Multiple iterations and changes naturally occur as site elements unveil opportunities. All of the time spent on site analysis and conceptual drawing are part of a process that ensures all pieces of the complex landscape puzzle are working well together.

The final product of the built or installed object is fascinating, but we urge you to take a step back and embrace the design. When you focus solely on the overall, master design plan, you get a product that works better together and looks fantastic. There are many methods of design and we welcome you to seek out our members to find someone that will fit best with your style.

We have members that are part of design-build companies, keeping your design and installation under one umbrella, as well as design-only members that can produce a design and recommend high quality installers for your project. Here is our listing of APLDMN members.